About me


My Passion

LOVE technology!

I am driven by the desire to create.  There are so many problems that can be solved with some creativity combined with technical expertise.  It is my ambition to simplify and improve the quality of life with my smart systems.

I am a artist of function.  I have a knack for logical layout and intuitive interface, but can also write the low level code to make it all work.  My goal is to design solutions that are so intuitive that users hardly need a manual.

Continual learning is key to innovation.  It motivates and inspires me.  It’s important to stay on the cutting edge when working with such a rapidly changing field.

I love to tackle hard projects and get in way over my head.  It keeps the learning curve steep and makes things interesting.  I love a technical challenge.


I have been taking things apart since I was little.  Over the years, I have become more and more interested in electronics and embedded systems.  I have done a ton of projects using the Arduino platform.  I have also done a good deal of work with processing, a programming language for graphical and interactive programming based on Java.  More recently, I have been getting into Android programming.  I have especially enjoyed the projects that involve both hardware and software.  See my page buttons above to see my creations.


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